The fairytale of Wickle

The fairytale of Wickle

Once upon a time, 16 years ago, a girl from a country of colourful wooden houses met a boy from the land of lochs.

Together they both shared a love for beautiful, useful and well crafted things. They dreamt of one day sharing their pleasure with the people around them and make a living doing so. Whilst playing with words to describe their passion, their minds were tickled, they loved the word mickle, but wanted a name that meant nothing too fickle and so their dream was named Wickle.

A year passed and adventures were had. The boy and girl left the big city of London in 2005 as a little family of 3.

Our adventurers now found themselves in the little, delightful downy town of Lewes. Safely nestled in a little but perfectly formed terraced house, their gaze could start wandering again for further adventure.

One day, whilst out walking , our now young lady came across an unusual shop, and taken aback by the energy and space, she asked the shopkeeper if she could bring in her wares to show.

The young lady returned a few days later, only to find a sign reading, shop to let. Overcome by the feeling of serendipity, she called the number on the sign, and  seven days later had keys in her hands.

The young man, handy with his tool, fitted out the shop, and with less than a thousand coins, it was opened on the 15th of June 2006.

With baby strapped to the front and energy aplenty, the second chapter of Wickle had begun. Through gentle persuasion, and fine enticement, the people of Lewes embraced the couples love of crafts, colour, vintage, upcycled, toys, clothes and handmade soaps.

All these years later, in a larger shop, this is another story, the adventure is still alive for our now family of four adventurers. Snip snap snute, eventyret er ikke ute...


tickle-light touch or prod

mickle- a large amount. Scottish and Northern Europe nickname for big man, old-norse Mikill

fickle- changing frequently

snip, snap snute- Norwegian way of ending fairytales

..eventyret er ikke ute - translates- the fairytale is not over . common ending is evetyret er ute-the fairytale is over.

Wickle- no definition... we say tickle my Wickle. what lightly touches or prods you, Wickle is the feather that tickles your imagination.



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